Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What is a good eye shadow color for green eyes?

I really want to make my eyes just pop.What is a good eye shadow color for green eyes?
Shimmery plums, greens, golds, and chocolate browns will all make green eyes stand out.

I like to use a dark plum eyeliner on my green eyes and that really makes them pop and it's something different from every day black liner.What is a good eye shadow color for green eyes?
brown is really good it makes your eyes pop!!
a) If you want popping eyes, go for bright colors like blue or even green to go with your eyes. If you have small eyes, use a magenta on the bottom and then fade away with a champagne/nude color on the very top of your lid. This is only if you want your eyes very noticeable.

b) If you have big, soft-toned eyes, try lavender on the bottom and fade away with really light pink. Finally, a good way to blend it all together is with a little mascara. Don't use any nude for this look, it will make you look like a person with allergies!
blue..teal, something bright. brown, too
choose the color opposite from your eye color, so in this case, PURPLE.

try an eggplant shade, something like this:鈥?/a>

good luck! and whatever you do, DON'T use green!
any color that is bold. i would go with MAX eye shadow. i got it for my sister for chirstmas and she has green eyes. she loves it!
A shade of plum or a chocolate brown with a little touch of a non-frosted ecru shade right under brow where it arches or the outer third if your eyebrown don't have an arch. I have hazel eyes and I use a cappucino brown above the eyelid and below the eyebrow and I like how that makes them look.
A deep plum would be great for brown or green eyes!
metallic brown or grey
A silver or aqua would prolly look pretty good. Try a really light pink like a baby pink or maybe even a white eyeshadow might look really good. =D
silver, variations of purple, neutrals
Grey looks beautiful with green eyes!
i have green eyes and when i do put on makeup i put a mixture of pink and brown but not to heavy cuz i may not look good depending on your skin tone and/or outfit try it!! if that doesnt work then try a mid pinkish color( could be a little sparkly... lol) hope it helps!!
Use a different palat of colors....for your eye lid use a more darker color like ur mid eye use a soft color like minty green, and for that area right under your eyebrow use a highliting color like champgain or light bronze.
Plum/Purple or Brown.
light brown or purple

How do I apply eye shadow to bring out my blue-green eyes?

I have brown hair with blonde highlights.How do I apply eye shadow to bring out my blue-green eyes?
sounds like your a cool coloured person.. so soft pinks always look good with a bit of white. i usually put a medium colour on the bottom on my lid.. then in the crease i put a darker colour.. with a touch of a creamy white on top.. to blend it all into the top of your eye. also.. put a little smudge of white in the corners of your eyes... it makes your eyes look more open.How do I apply eye shadow to bring out my blue-green eyes?
I bought some specifically for green eyes. It was raisin colored eyeliner and mascara, and light green shadow on the lids with a dark green in the crease and a lavender on the brow bone. It was in with the rest of the makeup, made by a leading manufacturer, but I don't recall the maker, they had it for every eye color.
Try wearing eye shadows with the color pink on your lids. I have green eyes but when I wear pink eyeshadow is when I get the biggest response for my eye color.
12 inch emulsion paint brush
i have really clear blue eyes and i go for brownsand ambers, different colors that contrast the light eye shade but u can also buy eyeshadow kits for your color
you should wear blue or green or black with half green or blue
just on the top lightly and darker on the bottom...

What eye shadow colors do the best to bring out green-hazel eyes?

To be precise: I have a green iris (the green jumps out at people, so I'm told) and a brown lining around my pupil. Make-up artists only!What eye shadow colors do the best to bring out green-hazel eyes?
Lavender, and all purple shades look great on me. I have hazel eyes too. I find certain tawny taupes really make my eye color pop. Sorry not an artist but I went to modeling school, is that close enough? LOL Seriously, go out and buy some great make-up Artist books there are some fantastic ones out there. (Aucion) Also moss green liner is fantastic, it looks really good on the outside rims ... upper, and lower of the eyes. Also plum liner, and shades in the crease of the eyelid are great... only the crease. Also the shape of your eye will have an impact on what looks the best. Happy painting.What eye shadow colors do the best to bring out green-hazel eyes?
Blairjuice- Thank you and I hope that helps you a lot. Enjoy...oh I love, love chanel lavender quads... I used it for special occasions. Report Abuse

Ooh, green eyes are beautiful!

I suggest using hazel, coppery, and taupe shades for your eyes. It will realy make the green pop, for a ';cat-eye'; effect. Apply copper shades on your inner corners of your eyes and on the bottom lashline. And then apply a brown eye liner on top lashline and smudge a bit. Then sweep on a hazel shade on the crease and the gray shad on the lid for a really enchanting effect. Then get brown mascara (Almay sellls some) and sweep on your lashes to finish off the look.

You will look soo gorgeous !
Plums and neutral tones... I have green-hazel eyes myself
A dark violet layered with light purple will look stunning.
purples, tans, or light pinks
to save money try buying the collection of eyeshadows for green eyes. it comes with the three colors and directions for applying it so that it makes the color pop. i'm not sure of the manufacturer, but you can buy it at walmart for like 6 dollars
I have the same type eyes, I dont like colored eyeshadow. I wear the nude sparkley kind, it looke cute and gives you a nice fresh look.
  • prom hair
  • What color eye shadow should I wear with a red dress?

    I have brown hair and green eyes. I am the maid of honor in my best friends wedding so I wanna look my best.What color eye shadow should I wear with a red dress?
    I suggest a flesh tone color, but one that will give your eyes more life. One with shimmer sounds like it would work.What color eye shadow should I wear with a red dress?
    i would say keep the colours neutral, like shades of brown/beige, maybe a little gold for accent, because it's a wedding u don't want to look too flashy, just natural
    try clinique's color surge eyeshadow duo in like mink this goes wonderfully with any red(its like a beige with a chocolate brown)

    Also, this goes well with clinique eyeliner in chocolate lustre/

    and it still should be soft enough to play with the lips,that's

    if you dare to wear a red lipstick..

    and with that great color of eyes you should go for it,besides it is your bf getting married;)
    Use silver kohl eye-liner. Wear light brown shade blending into a little gold shimmer. It'd go great with your green eyes.
    Since red stands out, you don't want to make your eyeshadow too dramatic. I'd go with subtle browns or dark greens to make your eyes pop and keep you from looking too washed out in bright colors.
    i would say!
    I would go with a smokey grey not to dark though but I think that would look so cute with a red dress.
    Earth-Tone Browns are best.
    grayish black, or deep brown
    A gold flecked shimmer like Bali, by bare essentuals. And where nice gold accesories.
    nothin wild because it is formal, jus wear a nice toned makeup to match skin color
    Light Gray.Only on the outskirts our your eyes.Medium to heavy on the eye lashes.Your green eyes will say the rest.
    gold [:

    not a copper gold just a normal plain maybe glittery gold.

    How do you travel with eye shadow?

    I buy eye shadow in a little jar and when I put it in my bag it breaks up and is just a powdery mess. How do you keep eye shadow from doing that?How do you travel with eye shadow?
    I've never seemed to have this problem.

    Do you just drop it in the bottom of your bag? If so, then maybe put it in a makeup bag with the rest of your makeup.

    Oh, and stop beating people with your purse! :-PHow do you travel with eye shadow?
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    I travel alot across country and when i do that i use a combination of tricks...rubberband the top and put it in a ziplock sandwhich bag that way if it comes open in my bag it doesnt get everywhere
    Put an elastic band around it to keep the top on if that's a problem. Maybe a bit of bubble wrap to stop it from bouncing around so much. Or wrap it in socks or something.
    wrap the eyeshadow in a sock or something soft that will keep it stable.
    why don't you just put it in your purse unless your hitting people with your purse i cant see how it should break
    put a cotton ball on top of it before you close the compact

    What color eye shadow should I use for a yellow dress?

    I'm going to a wedding this weekend and I ordered a very cute tube top yellow dress from Forever 21. However, the color yellow is more like a mustard yellow, and not so bright like I thought it would be..... bummer

    But I am trying to figure out what colors I can use on my face. I have a lot of different color eye shadows from MAC, so just throw out some options and I might have the color.

    Thanks!What color eye shadow should I use for a yellow dress?
    First, put on a nuetral cream base for color. Put a little dash, try luna from mac. Then, sweep a beige color like shroom or retro spec. Then in your crease use a brown color. Theres tons of browns to choose from. any brown will work. And then line your eyes with brown eyeliner like teddy from mac! You're going to look FABULOUS!What color eye shadow should I use for a yellow dress?
    I would recomend grey eyeshadow, with black eyeliner, for smoky looking eyes.

    Good luck!
    try like a shimmerry, whitish with hints of silver, sort of irridesent.
    shimmer whites
    Maybe you could use a light yellow or a light gold.

    maybe brown
    silver or smokey colours,

    good luck (:
    maybe a silverish grey...

    or light yellow..
    shimmery whites would be nice...maybe even like a grey or smokey eye would be good

    What color eye shadow should I use for my prom?

    I have red hair and light green eyes that have a deep blue ring around them. I'm fair skinned and I have pink undertones. My dress is teal, but is a little more blue than green and it's on the darker side. I don't normally wear make up and I was wondering what would look best.What color eye shadow should I use for my prom?
    Try a blue eyeshadow on your lid that fades into a light shimmery green. Nothing too harsh though. It sounds like you have light features, and they sounds very airy and pretty =]

    Don't worry, I just learned how to put on makeup this year (high school senior), and that's because of theatre makeup.What color eye shadow should I use for my prom?
    Do a smokey grey color, nice light silver would look nice.鈥?/a>
    I say go with a purple or blue eye shadow. I'd like it.
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